Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Attitude changes everything! I have been told this for years. And I believe it wholeheartedly. I spent six years on the staff of John Maxwell. There is NO ONE who exemplifies this more than he does. I just read a chapter in his book, Today Matters. I was reminded again that I have to manage my attitude daily. A positive attitude is a choice I make daily.

I must decide to see the positive in every situation. I must determine that regardless of how someone responds to me, I can choose my response to them. I must tell myself, what I have told others: If you can’t change the look OF your situation, change how you look AT your situation. I can tend to be pessimistic. Armed with this information I need to confront my natural bent toward pessimism with an optimistic option.

Today I renew my desire to be optimistic. Today I will look for the positive in every situation. Today I will check potential negative attitudes at the door. Today I will practice gratitude. Today I will be hopeful. Today I will encourage others. Today I will forget yesterday, it is done. And tomorrow I will understand it is my today to begin fresh and new.

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