Thursday, January 3, 2008


The Iowa caucuses are tonight. No one is really sure what they are, but they evidently set the pace for the upcoming Presidential elections. All of the candidates have invested lots of time and money to convince people of two things: 1) Show up wherever it is they gather to caucus and 2) once there, vote for them.

Obviously the candidates have bought into the statement attributed to Woody Allen: “90% of life is just showing up.” I guess they figure if they can leverage the 90% and most of those “showing up” vote for them they might get a win.

It seems the Democrats and the Republicans caucus a bit different. The common thread is they meet in different locations and argue the merits of their candidates. But the Republicans take a secret ballot (why does this not surprise me) while the Democrats stand in various parts of the room with the name of their candidate written for all to see (I envision a giant post-it note). They then attempt to convince others to come over to their side. Kind of like a political Red Rover.

Even though I am a registered Republican I have to say I like the Democratic version better. If I am going to venture out in the cold, gather with bunches of people I am not that well acquainted with it seems much more spirited to discuss, debate and call people to move toward my candidate. It just seems to lose a little luster once the conversation is over to simply hunker down and write your favorite on a piece of paper.

It really makes little difference. As I said I am not a Democrat, at least by registration, nor do I live in Iowa. So tonight I get to stay inside and watch football. Then tomorrow listen to the pundits explain what that ruckus in the Iowa night was about.

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