Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Questions! They provide insight. They spawn interaction. They can frustrate, deepen relations, and expand knowledge. A book on poetry entitled, “Living the Questions” gives an indication of their power. They are a critical aspect of life. They are something more than dilemmas to be answered and solved; they are to accompany us in our lives. Questions, even the unanswered ones, add vitality to our existence. At some level they contribute to our sense of living.

A questionless life is too predictable. Having no questions fools us into thinking we have it all figured out. We cease to inquire. We negate our curious nature. We lull ourselves into believing that a lack of questioning is an indicator of strength.

We strive too hard to have all the answers. Truth be told, thinking we have all the answers is the height of arrogance. When we think we hold all the answers we miss out on faith. Faith is the willingness and courage to continue in the face of unanswered questions.

Questions, in essence, are an entrance into deeper spirituality. They strengthen our faith, build our hope and deepen our love. It is in the midst of our questions we discover the reality of God. God tends to find a connection point to us through our questions.

Let’s not run from our questions. Instead embrace them. Ask them readily, wrestle with them regularly, answer them carefully and any that remain welcome them as friends.

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