Monday, September 24, 2007


I heard a leader say, “If we change the questions, we’ll change the answers.” It caused me to consider the questions church leaders tend to ask, and suggest some that might be asked.

Questions we tend to ask:
How many did you have last Sunday?
How large is your sanctuary?
How much property do you have?
How many are on your staff?
What is your average Sunday AM attendance? Sunday school?
How many small groups do you have?
How many members?

Questions we ought to ask:
How many came to Christ through your ministry this last year?
How many have you baptized?
How many of your members been received by profession of faith?
How many churches have you helped plant?
What community involvements do you have?
How are you involved in social justice issues?
What is being done to develop leaders?
What are you doing to encourage women in areas of ministry and leadership?

What questions do you find yourself asking?

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