Saturday, May 9, 2009


Eli is my second grandson. He is still biding his time getting into the world, but should be here later today. I am very much looking forward to meeting him. I am excited to see how he and Brody (our three month old grandson) will connect and get along. I have visions of them hanging out. Getting into all kinds of "interesting" situations.

As they get older, I want to have Pappy days with them. The is where just me and the two little men hang out. We can do all kinds of stuff. After all, they can plead they were too young to know better and I can say I am too old to remember. Either way we ought to have lots of wonderful adventures.

I plan to enjoy them at every stage of their growth. I won't change diapers, however; did this for their parents, so no need to revisit that aspect of child rearing (literally). I want to spend enough time with them now so when they are teenage boys they will still want to hang with Pappy.

I have had a blessed life (and I trust it will continue). Great kids, wonderful grand kids and an incredible amount of opportunities in my ministry. As much energy as I have, as much as I still want to achieve in ministry, as much as I have a tremendous amount of things I want to write about, as much as I would like to invest in future ministry leaders through teaching; I am realizing there can be no finer investment of my time than in the lives of my adult kids and grand kids. I look forward to this.

When the day comes and I am called to Heaven (which I am anticipating being many years away) I do hope for tears due to my passing. But more than that I trust my remembrance will bring smiles to my families faces and they will often find themselves asking, "what would dad/pappy do?" Now that would be a life of significance.

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