Friday, May 22, 2009


Timing is critical. Never has this been more clear to me than now. There is a decison that needs to be made, well really it has been made...the question now is simply when do I act? Timing will be crucial in this. The action impacts many. It impacts me! I want to act, but not too soon, nor too late. What will determine the time? I guess if I knew this I would know exactly when to act.

Could it be that acting not genuinely confident of the timing is when faith is needed? Faith journeys are always interesting. Often you know when they begin, but seldom where they will end, or how.

Good news! My faith does not have to be in my wisdom, nor my choice of timing, but in God who has ultimate say.

Something tells me the deep end of the pool awaits. Now where are those floaties? What? No floaties! And the deep end still awaits? How about a nose plug? No nose plug! What about? Okay, I am going.

Is alright if I go slow? I think I might be too old for a quick plunge. The plunge may be it you say. Will you be standing close to the side in case I need a little help? Whats that? Oh, you are going in with me. Gotta love a God like that.

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