Thursday, February 12, 2009


Brody, my new grandson, is 8 days old today. He has matured a great deal these first 8 days. He is doing all the things a young man of his years should: He sleeps, eats, wets, poops and fusses a bit...wait this is what young men of any years do...I digress. He gets cuter everyday. He has my looks. Why? Because as the joke goes, Joni still has hers. Now you may ask, " Does he not look like his parents?" NO! Why? Because I am writing this blog. If they write a blog he can look like them.

One thing I have noticed about grandkids...they become homeowners very quickly. Until last week we would visit Drew and Megan at their house. Now we go to Brody's house. It is all things Brody. It is now Brody's dad, Brody's mom, and Brody's dogs. It is Brody's world....and we are welcome to it.

I am currently at his home using his Internet to type his blog (see it all becomes his). He is asleep. I am wanting him to wake up. I have already gone to look at him sleeping. He is bundled up like, as Megan would say, a glow worm. I tried to look loudly, but he still sleeps.

There are many more years to enjoy this little guy. In a few months (MAY) he will be joined by his cousin Eli. Just think all the things he will be able to teach his cousin with his three months of worldly experience.

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