Friday, December 7, 2007


This past Wednesday we left from Indianapolis for Dallas. It was the day Indy got its first snow of the season. We sat over two hours on the tarmack awaiting our turn for the de-icer. Finally getting off the ground into the air it was nice to view the snow scape turn to a nice warm brown as we made our way south.

Today, in Texas, it is in the 60's moving rapidly toward the 80's. I have to say, as a native Californian who has lived the last two years in Indiana...white Christmas is way over-rated. Nothing like a short sleeved shirt on Christmas day. Warm over white is my preferenc.

I've had many native Hoosiers who have declared they "love" a white Christmas. But these are the same folks who head south for every conceivable reason in the winter months. It is my opinion they this as a method of convincing themselves it is great never having lived outside the state.

Warm, white, rainy or in whatever climes you find yourself on Christmas Day I trust you will find it enjoyable.

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