Thursday, December 20, 2007

GOD TUBE broke new ground in connecting folks via web displays. People could express themselves in a variety of ways through web postings. People could be their virtual selves, or not!

This exploded and revolutionized connection, stardom, ideas and wierdness. Many folks of the Christian pursuasion utililzed this new medium to touch folks who might not otherwise be touched. This was done with much creativity and in some cases with the typical condemnation assoicated with the evangelistic movement. Regardless, many attempted to enter this ministry field.

Then there came It is the Christian version of the "You." It was to offer an evangelical environment for videos on the Web. It is getting a hearing among believers. But here is my question: WHY?

Why do we, the Christians, need to "Christianize" everything? Why do we have to create our own version? Why can we not simply continue to wade into this ripe for harvest ministry field of YouTube and bring Christ there?

I say we can! I say we refuse to retreat into the fold of GodTube and charge forward connecting via YouTube. It seems those we would want to reach would be more likely to be there.

But it is typical of how we do outreach. Many churches must leverage all they do for the community in their church building. It is about getting people to come in and join them, as opposed of going out and joining them with the reality of Christ. Instead of continuing to move out into YouTube, we create GodTube and invite them "in" to join us. In reality, what is suppose to be used to attract those curious about God becomes a place for those who are really wanting safety to gather and share with one another. We continue to talk to ourselves and wonder why others aren't interested.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding post! The "why" question isn't asked often enough. When I first encountered GodTube a few weeks ago (via a CNN story), I had the exact same set of questions.

Wouldn't it make MORE sense to actually post the same "Christian" videos on YouTube so that Followers of Jesus could actually interact with those who do not?

Kinda sounds like Jesus to me...

Thanks for posting this (but why at 4am???).


David Treloar
Lakeshore Church Madison