Monday, October 15, 2007


The God Gap is where our resources stop and God’s must start if we are ever going to succeed. It is in the God Gap a leader and his or her church steps when they commit to being a multiplying congregation. It is both an exhilarating and exasperating place to be.

Peter models life in the God Gap (Matthew 14:22-33). The disciples are in a storm (v24). Looking out across the tumultuous waters they see what appears to be Jesus. He is walking on the water. Peter calls out to Jesus (v28). He asks for confirmation of his identify. Not a verbal one alone, but one of experience. He asks that he, too, might walk on the water. He wanted out of the boat. He wanted into the God Gap.

The very minute Peter swung his leg over the boat’s side he entered the God Gap. His resources would abruptly stop and God’s would have to start. Anything less would be inadequate. His venture demanded faith. He would have to risk it all. He could not “kinda” get out of the boat. He either got out, or he stayed in.

Peter got out. And in the getting out his life was changed. It was scary in the God Gap. He discovered fear full throttle. What must be known is that faith does not overcome fear. Fear is part of the deal. What faith does is get is to step out, move on, and get out of the boat in spite of the fear.

Where is your God Gap? What fear has you in the boat? Where is your faith.

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The AJ Thomas said...

20 days till launch. Thanks for this encouragement, I needed it.