Thursday, October 25, 2007


My wife and I recently returned from a cruise. We were cruise virgins (first timers). It was an incredible time. People on boats tend to wave at others. On our departure from the New Jersey dock most of us lined the railing. Inexplicably, we began to wave at those watching us leave. We didn't know them. They didn't know us. But this did not deter our waving.

Why does being on a boat draw out our waves? I don't wave at people I walk by on the street. Typically, people don't wave to one another as they drive in their cars; at least not with their whole hand.

This "categorized" waving can be applied to church going people. We put on our spiritual faces and "holy" garb to the pleasure of all those we encounter within church walls. Then we get into the everyday stuff and act as if the rules don't apply. We don't make decisions based on biblical guidelines. We may not practice the patience we should. We avoid praying thinking such isn't' really necessary when attempting to do life.

I need to avoid waving only on the "boats of life." Instead, I need to be someone who takes my waving into the nooks and crannies of life. A risk taker!

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John D. Howell said...


Interesting post and it brings to mind several interesting thoughts.

How do we make decisions based on biblical guidelines when all we've been taught is to make decisions that are in our best interests?

How can we practice the patience we should when we have been taught that the one who shouts the loudest and acts the quickest wins?

How do we pray when we cognitively understand that prayer works, but we refuse to let that knowledge completely fill and break our hearts?

Like you, I want to avoid waving to the boats of life, but how do you move beyond what is comfortable and safe into a life filled with risks? How do you step away from the railing and move towards where you can be best used? How do you stop looking at life from the outside and actually start living a life worth living? I think those are the questions that your post triggers in my mind.