Friday, August 17, 2007


A church multiplication movement is just that…a movement. A movement can never be comfortably controlled, nor should it. Directed, yes! Controlled, no! This movement will never gain momentum unless local church leaders drive it. Will denominational structures allow such a movement? They should! But the rub is that most denominations are structurd for control not guidance.

Denominational leadership seldom releases, instead they create reliance. There seems to be an underlying fear that releasing others will result in their irrelevance. It is this insecurity that causes systems to be implemented that bind more that build, maintain more than motivate and fetter more than free.

It is the local church leaders that must take this leap. It always starts at the grassroots. If we are waiting for an organizational initiative it will be too late. Most denominations respond too slowly. The responsiveness must come from front line leaders who are willing to boldly step out in faith.

Gary McIntosh quotes business consultant Tom Peters as saying, “Revolution? The word is not too strong. And it’s not the same thing as change. Change? Change? Yes, we’ve almost all, finally, embraced the notion that `change is the only constant.’ Well, sorry. Forget change! The word is feeble. Keep saying revolution.”

Revolutionaries! They are needed. It cannot be soft sold. It must be trumpeted loudly. Leaders need to step up, accept change and create revolutions. Waiting for denominational initiatives is skirting our responsibility. It is time to stop pointing fingers and begin to multiply churches.

There needs to be a rebellion against simply planting churches. The notion that churches are to be healthy for health’s sake must be soundly defeated. Growing a church larger as the primary harbinger of success must be overcome.

It is not about planting A church. It is not about getting a church to a point of health. It is beyond church growth. It is beyond church planting. Everything must drive toward the multiplication of churches.

A church is planted so it can help multiply others. A church gains health in order to invest in the starting of more healthy churches. A church grows to multiply from strength. Settling for less is still settling for less.

We must live by the simple rule of the soldier as expressed by General Douglas MacArthur, “There is no substitute for victory.” The victory is a growing healthy church multiplication movement: A movement that can only be the result of all out revolution!

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