Friday, June 26, 2009


Today it was the little things I have taken joy. Joni and I went grocery shopping. We used the self-check out scanners. I love those things. We took the groceries home and then we worked on separate projects together.

Simply sharing the same space. Doing our stuff, but together. Didn't need to talk to each other much. We have learned that being in close proximity, doing our things is relationship building. We are accessible to one another if necessary, but we don't have to be holding hands, or sitting next to each other.

I took her to work. Being together talking about our days ahead. I then went to my "office." A neat coffee shop called "It's a Grind." Free Internet. Wonderful work spaces.

I will pick up Joni after work and we will be seeing Brody, our first grandson. Later we will simply end our day together. It is this together that is so very important to us. Currently we spend chunks of time apart due to work. So the together times are that much more appreciated.

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